Hanan. 27. Jordan. Epic Procrastinator.

I love football, it's like an obssession and an addiction that i can't let go of. Football clubs: Real Madrid (primarily) and Arsenal FC (not gonna lie follow them coz Mesut is playing there right now, although i have always been a huge fan of their playing style) Football players: Everyone on the German NT and i have always had a soft spot for Steven Gerrard

TV shows (past): LOST will be very hard to top IMO. Alias. TV shows (current): OUAT (has really taken over my life lately basically because i love all things Hook, Emma and Captain Swan). Modern Family. Hannibal. Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch is one of god's gifts to man kind)

Music: As long as the lyrics are meaningful i am down with anything.

Movies (all time favorites): Inception. The Dark Knight. The Usual Suspects. Fight Club. American Psycho. Star Trek. Disney. Pixar. Christopher Nolan is my king .... J. J. Abrams is a close second. Christian Bale is the only actor i could watch in absolutely anything.

Books: I will read anything that grips me in the first ten pages.

Oh and i pretty much have no talent so my blog will consist mainly of reblogging other people's amazing creations and well my bland and often late football match analysis.




Campaigners for Scottish independence have found an unexpected source of support ahead of a landmark referendum on the fate of the UK – Palestinian bagpipers.

In a small hall in the occupied West Bank, far from the tussle over Scotland’s future, pipers and…


Back to school in Gaza: As hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children returned to school in Gaza on Sunday, Azhar recited a poem eulogising her father, killed by Israeli shelling in the enclave’s recent conflict.

"Daddy, what can I tell you, if I say I love you it’s not enough," the nine-year-old, who was beginning the fourth grade, read to a classroom of teary children."Today is the first day of school, so even though my dad was martyred in the war — I’m happy," she told AFP with a smile.

Azhar’s father Tamer Jundiyeh was killed in an air strike on the Shejaiya neighbourhood, orphaning her and her five younger siblings.

"I’m scared the war will start again," she told AFP, recalling the missiles from Israeli aircraft that hit her house and killed her father.

Azhar’s classmate Isra shook as she spoke of the Israeli raid that killed her grandfather and aunt.

"The martyrs and wounded were lying in front of us, we were very scared," the nine-year-old told AFP. "My grandfather and auntie Layla were killed, I saw them in our house."

Another classmate, Doa, had lost her school uniform after her house was destroyed, and came to class wearing regular clothes.



Well there goes the rest of my life.

The motherboard

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Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger & Thomas Mueller after the final whistle of FIFA World Cup 2014 Final.


The Marauder’s Map is lasting testimony to the advanced magical ability of the four friends who included Harry Potter’s father, godfather and favourite teacher. The map they created during their time at Hogwarts appears to be a blank piece of parchment unless activated by the phrase: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, a phrase that, in the case of three of the four makers, should be understood as a joke. The ‘no good’ of which they wrote never denoted Dark magic, but school rule-breaking; similar bravado is evinced by their use of their own nicknames on the map (‘Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs’).

The magic used in the map’s creation is advanced and impressive; it includes the Homonculous Charm, enabling the possessor of the map to track the movements of every person in the castle, and it was also enchanted to forever repel (as insultingly as possible) the curiosity of their nemesis, Severus Snape.

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jmo & colin :: official captains of our ship

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Marco Reus of Germany is injured during the EURO 2016 Group D qualifying match between Germany and Scotland at Signal Iduna Park on September 7, 2014 in Dortmund, Germany.

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